The Global Mother Divine Organization is an international non-profit organization that offers women of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities knowledge and practical programmes for perfect health, enlightenment, and success in every area of life. Our simple, natural programmes are based on the total knowledge of life from the ancient Vedic tradition of India and have been verified by extensive scientific research. 

The goal of the Global Mother Divine Organization is to give every woman the ability to develop her full potential and create a powerful influence of peace and happiness for her family, friends, community, nation, and world.

In the Vedic tradition of India the expression ‘Mother Divine’ refers to the universal, all-nourishing qualities of nature—bliss, intelligence, creativity, harmony—that always promote life in the direction of peace and progress. These qualities are inherent within all women and can be enlivened through simple technologies of consciousness—the Transcendental Meditation® technique and its advanced programmes. Through these programmes every woman can effortlessly unfold her own divine essential nature and develop the natural ability to nourish, uplift, and enrich the lives of everyone around her. 

The Global Mother Divine Organization is the ladies’ wing of the Global Country of World Peace™. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded the Global Country of World Peace in 2000 to offer enlightenment to every individual and invincibility to every nation. The Global Country of World Peace includes all nationalities, cultures, religions, and creeds. It unites the peace-loving people of the world in a global initiative to nourish and strengthen every nation by applying Maharishi’s Vedic technologies for fulfilment in every area of life. 

The Global Mother Divine Organization is dedicated to bringing out unique angles of Vedic Knowledge for women; specifically in the areas of development of consciousnesshealtheducationculture, and music

The Global Mother Divine Organization is currently active in 86 countries and rapidly expanding to include 192 countries of the world. We warmly invite women and girls of all ages, religions, and nationalities to participate in our profound and effective programmes.

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