The Global Mother Divine Organization honours and cherishes the cultural traditions and mother tongues of every nation. We recognize that just as the strength and beauty of a tree depend on the nourishment that it draws from its roots, so does the peace, prosperity, and invincibility of every nation depend on the full awakening of its ancient cultural heritage.




Honouring the Revered Indigenous Mothers of every Nation

The Global Mother Divine Organization is collaborating with the revered indigenous mothers of every nation to restore the full wisdom, dignity, and glory of their ancient ways of life that have upheld life in accord with the laws of nature since the beginning of time. Read more…

Restoring and Revitalizing Indigenous Cultures

The precious cultural and spiritual traditions of every nation can be revitalized and secured by reconnecting them to their source, by awakening the unity at the basis of life’s infinite diversity. Read more…

Programmes to Awaken the Highest Value of Life in every Nation

The Global Mother Divine Organization offers programmes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India that enliven the unified field of natural law within individual and collective consciousness in order to nourish and enrich every culture.

Education to develop the full potential of the brain and enliven the divine intelligence of natural law in every student. 

Health programmes to prevent and cure disease by incorporating indigenous medicinal herbs and Transcendental Meditation®
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