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Our greatest resource is the youth of our world; it is our responsibility to give them the best education possible. Providing an educational system that allows girls and women to access and enliven their unbounded inner intelligence is a priority for the Global Mother Divine Organization. Consciousness Based Education™ has been proven through extensive scientific research over decades to be universally effective in developing the intellectual abilities, academic performance, social behavior, and inner happiness of students.

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What is Consciousness Based Education?

Consciousness Based Education focuses on three main elements of learning: the field of study, the process of gaining knowledge, and the development of the student’s consciousness. Traditional education systems focus on only two of these aspects of learning, and leave out the most critical element—the consciousness of the student. It is the student herself—her intelligence, creativity, confidence, inner calm, and motivation—that is the basis for successful learning and successful, fulfilling life.

Consciousness Based Education is designed to develop the full potential of every student through the Transcendental Meditation® technique and its advanced programmes. The Transcendental Meditation technique, a simple mental technique practised in school twice daily, produces a unique state of physiological and mental ‘restful alertness’ that dissolves deep-rooted stress and fatigue, thereby promoting ideal health and behaviour.

Consciousness Based Education, also known as Total Knowledge Based education, has been validated by 40 years of educational experience worldwide, hundreds of scientific research studies, and exceptional educational outcomes.

Over 600 scientific research studies, many published in peer-reviewed journals, show that the regular practise of Transcendental Meditation enlivens total brain functioning which results in greater unfolding of the students’ creativity and intelligence, improved academic performance, better health, greater calm and self confidence even under pressure or in stressful situations, better mind-body coordination, faster reaction time, better social relationships, and a more ideal society.

Consciousness Based Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Consciousness Based schools, colleges, and universities have been established around the world. The curriculum for these schools includes the study of traditional subjects such as mathematics, science, language arts, social studies etc., as well as courses on consciousness. The courses on consciousness include the practice of Transcendental Meditation, and the intellectual understanding of consciousness and its relationship to every subject the student learns. Read more…

The Transcendental Meditation Technique in Existing Schools

Transcendental Meditation has been successfully implemented in public and private schools, and in after-school programmes around the world, with thousands of students enjoying its benefits. Read more…