Programmes to Awaken 

the Highest Value of Life in every Nation


The Global Mother Divine Organization offers programmes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India that enliven the unified field of natural law within individual and collective consciousness in order to nourish and enrich every culture.

In North America, where several native american tribes are practising Transcendental Meditation®, meditation and the revival of the use of tribal languages, traditions, and ceremonies has restored a fulfilling sense of personal and collective identity. 

Those who learned Transcendental Meditation began to remember more and more of the cultural traditions they thought they had forgotten. They began to revive and enliven their traditional codes of behaviour that called for uncompromising honesty, integrity, courtesy, compassion, humility, and respectful leadership. The elders began remembering the significant role of the elder councils in the tribal structure. With a foundation in spiritual practice, the Elder Council re-enlivenined the basic, sacred values of their culture. 
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The Consciousness Based Education programmes offered by the Global Mother Divine Organization develop the full potential of the brain and enliven the divine intelligence of natural law in every student. Students naturally develop inner calm, self confidence, intelligence, and creativity.

Groups of indigenous people in North America that implemented the Transcendental Meditation programme in their schools found:

  • Dramatic increases in their reading and mathematics comprehension
  • 25% drop in absenteeism
  • dramatic increase in graduation rates
  • much higher self-esteem and fewer negative/disciplinary incidents
  • marked decrease in anxiety and depression

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The Global Mother Divine Organization offers an indigenous system of health care, Maharishi Ayurveda, that has its origins in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. Maharishi Ayurveda detects and treats imbalances before they grow into diseases requiring costly treatment with harmful side effects. Extensive scientific research has verified the benefits of the treatment modalities of Maharishi Ayurveda. Read more…