World Peace


Permanent Peace

Eliminating the underlying cause of crime, terrorism, and conflict

The whole world is our family. It is our heartfelt wish to see everyone in every nation living in peace and prosperity, free from the threat of crime, terrorism, and war.

Even though there are many sincere individuals dedicated to the cause of peace, establishing permanent peace requires more than political agreements, discussions, or attempts to maintain a peaceful mood. It can only be achieved through a transformation at the deepest level of the human mind and physiology. Extensive scientific research has shown that the Transcendental Meditation® technique produces a profoundly calming effect in the body and mind. Further research has shown that this calming effect extends to the surroundings.

Improving Quality of Life and Reducing Societal Stress

When individuals practice the Transcendental Meditation technique and the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi™ Programme together in groups, the research has shown a dramatic and immediate reduction in societal stress, crime, violence, and conflict and an increase in coherence, positivity, and peace in society as a whole, nationally and internationally. These groups create powerful waves of coherence that spread throughout the environment. The larger the group, the larger the area and size of population that can be affected. Wherever sufficiently large ‘peace-creating’ groups gather, they enliven positive, life-supporting tendencies and harmonize discordant tendencies. They improve the quality of life for everyone simultaneously. Crime, accidents, and disease decline all around them, while the economy and overall quality of life improves, with the potential to create an ideal society and a peaceful world. Peace-creating groups can be easily created within schools, universities, businesses, or in the military. To produce the desired effect, the number of individuals required is equal to the square root of 1 percent of the population. A group of 8000 together in one place would create sufficient life-nourishing coherence to neutralize the negative tendencies of the whole world’s population and create world peace.

A Scientifically Validated Approach

The reduction of violence and conflict through group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programmes is the most extensively researched and thoroughly field-tested phenomenon in the history of the social sciences.

The unique effectiveness of this approach in neutralizing and preventing social violence, terrorism, and war has been confirmed by more than 50 demonstrations and 23 scientific studies. This research has been carefully scrutinized by independent scholars and accepted for publication in top academic journals.