VedAroma Therapy


Vedic Aromatherapy, an aspect of Maharishi Ayurveda, uses the balancing and normalizing effects of VedAroma essential oils to restore health and wholeness to body, mind, and soul. The essential oil–‘the essence,’ ‘life force,’ or ‘soul’ of the plant–is present in the flowers, fruits, leaves, branches, seeds, root, or rind of the plant. The innate intelligence in the herb present in the essential oil awakens the inner, healing intelligence of the mind and body.

VedAroma essential oils directly stimulate the limbic system, the seat of emotions and regulation of breathing, heartbeat, hormone levels, and digestion. These special fragrances are thereby able to influence physical, mental, and emotional well-being in a very profound way. 

Different essential oils dispel negative emotions, such as anxiety or anger, by stimulating the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin or endorphines and invoking feelings of happiness, peace, and upliftment. Improving our emotional well being in this way allows us to overcome the root cause of many illnesses.

Other important properties of essential oils are:

    • They are highly anti-microbial and create an environment in which bacteria, viruses, and fungi cannot live.
    • They are very powerful destroyers of free radicals, a major cause of disease and aging.
    • Due to their minute molecular structure, essential oils can cross cell membranes as well as the blood brain barrier. This enables them to penetrate into many parts of the body with beneficial effects.



The therapeutic effectiveness of essential oils depends upon their purity. VedAroma oils are of the highest quality, extracted from wild crafted or organically grown plants and produced without the use of chemicals or other synthetic products.  

The distillation process is also crucial to the quality of the oils. If an essential oil is distilled with too much pressure or too much heat, many of the precious healing elements of the oils are lost. VedAroma oils are slowly distilled at lower temperatures to ensure maximum retention of their active components.

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