Mother Tongues


The Global Mother Divine Organization encourages women in every nation to celebrate and enliven their cultural traditions and to maintain the purity of their mother tongues for all generations to come. 

The nourishing power of mother is expressed in the tender flow of the mother tongue to the child. When children grow up at home, they are constantly nourished by the flow of their mother tongue, which is completely natural and full of love. If a different language is spoken when they go to school, using the new language creates a strain in the tender brain membranes of the children. Eventually the children no longer use their mother tongue, and only speak the foreign language. The mother tongue is forgotten and the vital connection to the natural law of the land is greatly weakened. 

The flow of communication through the mother tongue promotes progress and fulfilment in life. If children continue to speak in their mother tongue, they will maintain their connection with the life-promoting, evolutionary intelligence of natural law and ensure that their culture blossoms in peace and prosperity.