World Peace

Action Steps


Creating a peaceful society by eliminating the underlying cause of crime, terrorism, and conflict

The simplest, most thoroughly validated and cost-effective way to end the epidemic of stress and violence in our world is to create permanent groups of individuals practising the advanced programmes of Transcendental Meditation® together, morning and evening. They will silently neutralize social stress and maintain an indomitable influence of positivity and coherence in the collective consciousness of any city, province, or nation. 

Peace-creating groups can be easily created within schools, universities, businesses, or in the military. To produce the desired effect, the number of individuals required is equal to the square root of 1 percent of the population.  For example, a nation of 16,000,000 people would need a group of only 400 peace-creating experts.

A group of just over 8000 together in one place would create sufficient life-nourishing coherence to neutralize the negative tendencies of the whole world’s population and create world peace. 

Invincibility Schools

The easiest way to establish a group of peace-creating experts is within a university, college, or secondary school. It is only necessary to add to the curriculum a period, each morning and evening, for collective practice of the  Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi™ programmes.

Extensive published research on the application of these programmes in education confirms that, in addition to the powerful effect of peace and coherence that is created, the students individually benefit profoundly, graduating as highly productive, enlightened leaders of society. Among the many documented benefits are significant longitudinal increases in intelligence (IQ); increased creativity; improved learning ability, memory, and academic performance; increased psychological stability, self-confidence, and emotional maturity; and improved moral reasoning.

With a regular, ideal daily routine that includes the collective practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programmes, students develop a very refined quality of consciousness, and simultaneously protect the nation’s security and invincibility.

Corporations, the military, or unemployed

By training its employees in this peace-creating programme, any corporation can create national security and invincibility. According to published research, such a corporation will also benefit greatly from increased employee productivity, improved employee health and reduced health costs, greater economic stability in the country as a whole, and increased corporate profits.

A few governments in the world have recently organized for the required number of peace-creating experts to be trained within their military.

Even the unemployed, who are often already supported by government funding, can be trained to practice these technologies daily as a form of community service, in exchange for financial support.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of achieving national security and invincibility through peace-creating groups is truly negligible–essentially the cost of training a group of peace-creating experts within a school, business, the military, or unemployed.

Moreover, for less than the cost of a single B-2 bomber, any government or wealthy philanthropist can permanently endow a peace-creating group of just over 8000 experts and thus maintain international security and world peace for all time to come.