World Peace

Permanent Peace


Neutralizing Stress in Collective Consciousness

Each of us has our own quality of individual consciousness–peaceful and happy, or stressed and tense, or somewhere in between. In the same way, each family, community, city, state, nation, and our world as a whole has its own quality of group, or collective, consciousness that is the sum total of the quality of consciousness of all of its individual members.

The individual influences the surroundings through every thought, word, and action. These influences are either life-supporting or life-damaging. When people are happy and at peace with themselves, they naturally create a peaceful, progressive influence in their surroundings. When people are unhappy and tense, the atmosphere becomes saturated with these life-damaging influences and crime, terrorism, and war are the inevitable result. As long as individuals are growing in stress and tension, peace can only remain an abstract and fragile idea.

What is the solution to this problem?

The simplest, most thoroughly validated, and cost-effective way to end the epidemic of stress and violence in our world is to create permanent groups of individuals practising the advanced programmes of Transcendental Meditation together morning and evening. They will silently neutralize social stress and maintain an indomitable influence of positivity and coherence in the collective consciousness of any city, province, or nation. They will raise collective consciousness to a level of peace, affluence, and even invincibility.

This is the only approach that effectively targets the root cause of national, regional, and global conflict. It is the only approach to national security and world peace that is extensively field-tested and backed by rigorous scientific research.

Peace-creating groups can be easily created within schools, universities, businesses, or in the military. To produce the desired effect, the number of individuals required is equal to the square root of one percent of the population to be affected. For example, a nation of 16,000,000 people would need a group of only 400 peace-creating experts.

A group of just over 8000 together in one place would create sufficient life-nourishing coherence to neutralize the negative tendencies of the whole world’s population. 

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